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Which works better PPC or SEO? Full explanation

Everything you need to know about PPC and SEO.

The ultimate thing for you is to generate a good amount of traffic through your website because you know with the help of traffic you will get conversion easily but wait how do you get it. There is a number of ways to generate traffic and here I am going to make you clear about PPC and SEO.

Let me make you very clear about both of the things PPC stands for pay per click and SEO is search engine optimization. Now you learned from the abbreviations that what they mean.

 In PPC you need to pay a certain amount of money to a channel and in return for that, you will get traffic. On the other hand in doing search engine optimization is a kind of long process but makes your website stands out of anyone else. Be with me and I will tell you how you can do both simultaneously.


Benefits of SEO and PPC

If you do search engine optimization correctly then your website surely gonna have those things which everybody needs. Let’s get into those things one by one.

SEO(Search Engine optimization)

Ranking factor

This is the most important factor for your website and its pages. If the ranking factor is doing well then everything would be done smoothly. With the increase in a number of rankings, you are going to increase visibility around your niche. This will be going to give awareness about your product and services by which a user can understand that from which field you are.


Started getting results from the search engine is the only thing that everyone needs nowadays. So it will take time because, in reality, building trust takes time in humans also. There are a lot of peoples who understand the advertisements and keep searching for the websites which rank organically and the older one. So there is a very high chance that you are going to get a call from them or query in any form you want.


This is something like gonna you help you in the long run. Like advertising, it will be not going to dry up very easily it will take a lot of time to reach up to that level where you will be not getting any queries.

So if you work hard on this daily it will be fruit full. The efforts you have done to develop organic traffic can make the business everlasting.

PPC(Pay per click)

Here paid per clicks is the one which is liked by everyone because the results come suddenly and on just paying the money to search engine you will be getting queries drastically. So we call this a paid advertisement. It is a service provided by the search engine.

Here we always land on the first page and to be on top we need to pay maximum money as compared with our competitors. In simple language, we can call it boosting traffic. This is having its own benefit. One of the major benefits here is that you need not pay attention to the regular updates of google. Because Google changes its algorithm and as soon as the changes will reflect then suddenly ranking will drop.

If you are working with PPC then you need to know some of the basic important things which gonna help you in the long run. So, what are they? Stay with me I will tell you. The first one is the Quality score. As your quality score will increase the amount you are paying on every advertisement click will go down. So keep your focus on quality score.

The next thing comes here is the cost per thousand impressions (CPM). It is the cost that google takes from you to give impressions. The impression is nothing but the number of views you got during the search and the user just viewed your advertisement but not clicked on it.

Ranking Factor

Yes if you go with PPC you will get results instantly and for a particular time frame your ranking factor will increase but after sometimes it will surely go down. So it is not a very good practice to do PPC alone.

Target and trust

You will get a quality reach here. The audience who is in search of a product will reach up to you easily and if every time they search and they are getting your website name then you are becoming brand.

Which ultimately generate trust between you and your customer. After all this activity you can retarget them too. This is the specialty of PPC. So use it wisely.


You can do a number of testing for that particular ad you are making. By, this you can easily track which call to action is working well like form page, calling button or chatbot. And, retarget the customers again.


This is fully comprehensive blog related to SEO and PPC where I try to make you understand the meaning of both and where we need to apply them. But, it is highly recommended that for better reaching and website health score you should better be using both the techniques with different tactics. If I missed something then please let me know in the comment section. If not then give them a try do spend some time by creating your frame and apply them because if you cant someone else could

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