what is SEO? Learn full implementation here.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and this means platforms like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and safari. The only thing which is added to this is an optimization which means we are making something and serving the platform in such a manner that it fulfills all the criteria of search engine.

So, If you are successful in doing correct SEO then there are high chances that you are going to land on the first page of google and with this, you will get a very good amount of traffic in the long run.

But wait there are a lot of other things which we need to consider first. It is not simple as you are thinking and not hard as well. It totally depends on your practice, patience and writing skills. So, be with me till the end and you will become to know how this technique work to rank better on google.

Before jumping into the main content first I would like to tell you some factors related to this topic. Factors to win the SEO game because you don’t want to expect any mistake right. So I am going to make you understand the basic requirement here.

SEO classified into two types.

Let understand On-page SEO

On-page, SEO depends on the way of writing the article and parameters are structured below.


The quality of an article is really important here. So, you have to write the article in a simple way and your message should be communicating to the user by using the best format. Before writing on any of the topics do some little research.

Take the samples of your research and discuss it with your team members. Make sure to produce the best design for your post. Discuss the important thing which you want to put in it. Do post-publication activities like after publishing ask from members and do changes.

Remember for quality discussion and conclusion are really important aspects.


Starting off any article includes this thing because no one going to read any article without its title. This is the main ingredient here because if it is not attractive then no one is going to click on it.

 And, if really does not matter what you got inside. It is about how you look from outside. So your title should be eye catchy, small, deliver some message.


Most of the people ignore it because they don’t think how much brainstorming is required here. So my advice is to use powerful words here. Focus on benefits and if you are able to put a call to action then it is surely going to help.

Remember to write a description in a normal language. Include your focused keywords in them. We will understand the keywords later but as of now just focus on the above point which I told you.


The structure which you should choose totally depends on your style of writing but you need to consider this in mind that for which niche you are writing.

If you are writing for some selective niche e-commerce then it is highly recommended that you should write key specifications first then the description and at last give a CTA call to action.

Thinking of writing a blog? Well, that is a good idea. So now write the introduction first and give information in bulleted format after that put a conclusion. That’s how you do formatting.


Your content should be fresh just think what happens if you go into your relative home and they serve you spoiled food. This is like here also. Keep writing good and fresh articles for your viewers. Because they also don’t like the content which is outdated.

If you are not able to get the fresh content then go to competitors’ websites and check what they are doing and on which topic they are regularly getting questions. Start to answer them. Keep your eye on freshness.


Keep your URL short. URL is a uniform resource locator in simple language you just think it as the link of your post. So if you visit on the link you will land up on the page. The URL should be small and now extra numbers you should include in it. The shorter the URL The better it looks and easily crawls by a search engine.

Q n A

Question and answer area is a must because every user needs the answer to their question and question related to the product which he or she is searching for. So you need to put at least four or five questions with the proper answer below of your post.

This is also very beneficial for retaining the user and the bounce rate will go down. The less bounce rate of your website means you will rank better.

Now let us understand Off-Page SEO

Seo off-page is the second factor in which search engine looks. This factor does not depend upon the owner or the writer or we can say, publisher. This factor depends on outside sources. So there is a need for trust and if the trust is generating from out of the main source then this is very good indication for the website.

The search engine will think that ok this website is getting linked from other sources it means there is something important in it. Now I think this is clear to you. So, if the traffic is coming from other websites then we can say that off-page SEO is working well.

 3 best ways to do great off-page SEO.

Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is not a new concept but let me tell you. You need to register yourself on every social platform like Quora, medium, Tumblr and Reddit. Write some posts over there and submit your website link and get some audience. After a period of time when you develop an audience.

You will be able to get traffic and that traffic will be a niche selected topic you can target those people for conversion as well. So start social bookmarking.

Guest posting

It is a technique in which you reach out to peoples who are related to your niches and find that can you do or write some other post for them.

 If you are able to write some good posts for them then it will become very easy to get a link from their post and the users or visitors are going to come to your blogs as well this is how you can do guest posting.

You can reach out to them through the comment section or just write a mail to them by clicking on their contact us page. Fetch details from there and do this activity for at least 1hour daily.

Directory submission.

This topic is all about the business category. So, if you own a business or doing off-page SEO for anyone else out there like your client then you need to list your website under that website which is already existing in the domain. With this, your website now focused on your area of interest and you will start getting users very soon.

Why SEO is required and must?

SEO is the main aspect of your funnel. It helps in sales generation a lot. With the help of search engine optimization, you can get brand visibility also. People or your users once in a day always visit google for collecting information.

The goal of SEO is used to provide a strong foundation for a website. It ensures trust and increases credibility. But you need to take care in mind that if you want to increase brand visibility than the authority of a website is a must and to gain authority you need to get visitors from an outside source and that can be possible with off-page SEO only.

For getting better results over the internet you need to consider all the factors which would contribute to your website. Suppose you are having a restaurant business and you want visibility. So it is highly recommended that you should be doing off-page SEO and on-page SEO correctly.

I am suggesting you do this because as soon as any user will search related to a restaurant then your website page should land first.

So here there is a need to do local SEO which I call it local search business. Here you are creating visibility in a small area. There is a lot of chances that you will get good visibility in that particular region where your restaurant lies.

SEO is a very best practice because with the help of the search engine optimization stage you need to give answers to a lot of quests and if a user is getting answers a lot then. He will surely gonna come back to your website to get an answer. This will give a clear impact on the user’s mind.

SEO is very cheap. Yes, you heard it right there is no need to pay someone for this if you know how to do it properly. I can say it is a long term journey as well so you need to be patient.


In the above post, I tried to cover the main and important factors related to search engine optimization. I try to touch all the points from inside and outside. But let me tell you the now one is perfect. May be something which would be a lot important I missed so suggest that topic in a comment below I am ready to write on it. Waiting for your comments.

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