Top 10 ways for you to rank a website in 2020

top 10 ways to rank website on google

Top 10 techniques to rank any website.

  • Structure of a blog
  • Presence of keywords
  • Engajing content.
  • Links in blog
  • Speed of website
  • Be proactive on Social media
  • Statistics of website.
  • Trending topics
  • Go for niche blogging
  • Business meeting and seminars.

Top 10 ways to rank your website on top of google page.

Everybody wants to know the best techniques to rank website on Google search engine and yes, it is possible if you follow some basic rules. Many bloggers and content writers are producing great content and they are presenting their work in form of text, images and videos.

 Before jumping into rules and techniques to rank website we should know that on which category we are creating the content. If our category is something called as “Health tips”. So, we need to do a little research on it like what is trending and what not and try to cover all information.

 Structure of blog

 Deciding the structure of blog to get traffic on website is really important. With the help of correct structure the content look very good and user will spend on your post. So write your post in blocks and small paragraphs. If you follow a creative writing then it will become easy for user to get relevant thing very fast.

 Here we are making our blog related to health tips. For this we need to figure out all relevant data and once you gathered it write into them in small paragraphs. Be specific with your information. Start with nice introduction. Try to put bullet pointers in it, use underline for important instruction put them in block, italic words.  By this you are able to decide your structure.

 Presence of keywords

 Presenting targeted keywords in your post, blog and article are definitely going to help you in long run. Keywords make your website rank higher and bring your post or article on Google first page. Before, writing any article. You should prepare a small list.

 This list will contain the keywords match with your targeted keywords and we call them LSI keywords. These keywords are of 3-4 words and will relevant to your focused keyword like for health tips you will be using best health advice or fitness advice for men/women. It can be very helpful for increasing website ranking with traffic.

      Engaging content

 Your article should develop interest in users
so that they will read it for longer period of time. Most of the experienced
content writers know how to use this technique because they clearly understand
that if content is not   engaging then
their all hard work will go in vain. 

Keep some images, relevant
videos and eye soothing color format in it. If you not able to find then check
your competitors post try to make it like one. By this the engaging time on
your website will increase which surely rank your post.

 Links in blog

Linking a blog means attaching your blog post with someone else blog or someone else blog post attached with yours.

This is a technique used by people who are into internet field or pro bloggers as they know if a blog refers to other then there is something relevancy exists in blog. This linking can be done outbound and inbound on post by just talking to other bloggers.

 You need to ask from them to write a post relate to their website. By this you can share visitors and Google comes to know that there is existence of active links in website which is an important part of seo.

Speed of website

As you read it in heading speed of website which means website taking how much time to load its pages.

There are lots of plug-in available over the internet which decreases its page loading time. But at very beginning you are not in a position to purchase plug-in. So, create your images in small sizes like jpg is good option for videos try to put YouTube videos by embedding on your post. These will surely going to load website in very less time.

Proactive on social media

Being on social media is very popular nowadays and everyone out there is connected with some amount of people. So just start with them and try to post your article, make stories, update status and increase your website visibility.

There are group of people who are active on social media day and night take advantage of them. You go with some paid advertisement as well with them as many people got benefit from it. You just need to understand the real concept behind social media. It will take some time to develop real strategy so that you maximize your reach on social media platforms.

Statistics of website

Tracking the website is good step it helps you to understand how your website is performing. With the help of Statistics we can get real time parameters to measure success rate of website. These parameters include traffic, conversions, monthly, daily traffic and many more. The best tool here is Google analytics.

There are other ways to check the traffic and compare your website performance with the competitors but you should know the perfect website checker tool. There are plenty of tools available over the internet which is free and paid. But, doing a serious research you will easily come to know best tool online within a week.

Trending topics

Never forget to write article on the post which are trending and viral. The benefit for writing on these posts is only that to get great volume of visitors in very less time. So, have you remember our topic “Health tips”. So if something trending going on in health industry will going to boost your website on search engine.

Remember that this post will be seen by many of the user but for less time but with the help of this boost we can create an impact on users by saying them if you like this post then subscribe us to get our daily health tips newsletter. By, this the user will develop a trust and search engines gives top priority to trusted websites.

Try Niche blogging

Niche blogging refers to the topics which resemble or relates to your main topic. Again going with our example of ”Health tips” so here our niche becomes “health tips for women”.

Now, we are going to make and write blog on health tips for women because the competition for this will be low as compared to Health tips and chances to rank better becomes easy.

Give question and answer block at below of your post in which there will be presence of questions frequently asked by experts.

Start attending seminars

Seminars and people gathering is a chance to get introduces you to good amount of people.

Attending seminar where people use to meet and gather. Do ask your question in such a way that people around you will develop a curiosity for your business and tell them in which business you are. By listening the strategy of others you will come to know different other ways for promotion and services and if these services available at your website than people will go to your website.

Conclusion: Through the above post we have given you the 10 top techniques to rank your website. If you follow the rules then there is full chance to get your website rank over your competitors and get visitors fast. How you like this post do comment below and do let us know that what you want to hear from us. 

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