Keep these tactics in mind while running any social media campaigns.


Have you seen your competitor running an advertisement on Facebook, Instagram or some other channel and generating lot of sales. If you want to know how he is doing then you are at the correct place.

With the increase in number of social media channels the user who takes an interest in online shopping has evolved. So, according to this you also need to develop a correct system of doing business. I will tell you how don’t go anywhere just stick with the reading because it will really worth it for you and your business. 

Many of the business are scaling up with online marketing. The only thing you need to consider here is that you need to figure out what type of business you are doing and related to that you are going to set your social media marketing campaign work.

 It means that where are your real clients spending their time. If your business is related to selling software then you should be looking for people on LinkedIn.


 If you are selling clothes then probably you need to develop or create an online store and promote it on Facebook or Instagram. You can’t promote your online clothes on Twitter. I hope you understand this clearly.

Content Creation is most important part

Important steps you need to kept in mind for creation of content

Here you need to hit the right target and the target is your customer’s emotion you need to touch it. Your content should be able to put a stronger impact when he or she sees it. That is why you need attention. Just think how you message your life partner in the beginning phase. Each and every word should be connected to your user. Here is info graphics which tell the importance of creating a attractive content.

Give your audience a powerful headline.

A headline or title is something that your user will read at the very beginning. So it not only important but it is a must thing to focus upon. From here the only users will decide to stay or not. It takes only 3 seconds for a user to move away so we have to make it so attractive. For example “Only 60 seconds to read” does a really good job for my e-book selling.

Include a lucrative offer

It creates a sense of giving and for a user it is simply a sense of receiving. You need to show your audience that you are thinking of them because if you receive free things then human mind would develop trust and seek for more. So, present them offers and deals.

Try to be informative

Information is mandatory because it is the main course. List all the things in a brief manner so that the user can understand within the first go. You need to tell here the real authentic and basic information. Give them an idea about how the product will look, the Variety of colors you have, Model number and little more.

Use Image and video

 This is a world of fast-moving information. People nowadays are switching from reading to watching that’s why video and image content people consume more. Chances of conversion are much more rather than a simple big blog. So start creating video and capturing high definition photos of your brand or company.

 Call to action

This is the last thing for which you have done a lot of work. What happens if the user won’t click on your advertisement. So make sure the call to action button includes a good approach. For example, “Buy your e-book now”.

Little more of content Tip

Are you going to write a piece of big information related to product and service or want to give a shorter description? You want to make a video of that or going to put a simple image and show it to people. See this is a very critical stage so you need to be alert all the time. Here all the energy requires to sustain the content in the long run. It takes a lot of time to create a nice and workable content.

Most of the local business people ignore this but you already know whatever you are going to put you will surely get a reward for it. So, try to make the best and well attractive design of your product so that you can put it on your social media. If your product requires a physical visit. Then go there make a video tour of that place. put some reviews also with the help of local peoples from over there.

Time to run an advertisement

Now it’s time to come to understand that how you are going to make an advertisement as you are ready with the piece of information. So, first of all you need to understand the terms like keywords, Volume, CPC and a lot more. If you want to learn them all. Learn it from here.

I hope now you will be totally understood the terms and in the future, if you start working with them you will be more familiar. Now the time has come to run your advertisement on Facebook. For this, you need to go to the Facebook and create an account if you already have then it is wonderful and go there to make a Facebook page for your business because it is really important to have a one. If you don’t know how to create it. Learn it from here.


The most important part of every advertisement is generating lead and the ultimate goal is conversions. Here I try to put a very well informed initial steps you need to keep in mind while going to run any social media campaign. If you want more stuff like this just comment down. I will reach out to you.

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